Northwest Taxidermy

Dave started practising taxidermy in 1999 while working for the RSPCA. His love of natural history and wildlife since a child has led him to the art and he offers an excellent service with quality taxidermy at affordable prices.
Quality taxidermy at affordable prices
Since his earliest memory, Dave has always had an interest in wildlife and taxidermy. Spending his childhood in the Northeast, he had regular visits to the Hancock Museum, to look at the taxidermy and, as a kid, spent many hours collecting and observing wildlife, something that would not be condoned these days.

It was while working with the RSPCA, in cumbria, rescuing wildlife that he thought he would "Give Taxidermy a go", much to his chiefs dismay as he thought that wasn't a great hobby to have considering the occupation.

Since 1999, Dave has been practising the art of taxidermy and has strived since that time to learn, improve amd offer the best service possible. Largely self taught, he is approachable, friendly and will endeavour to meet the needs of his clients.

My work mainly consists of birds and mammals up to Roe Deer size and I offer a personel friendly service where I discuss with the customer what their requirements are and will always give a rough time when their mounts will be ready. I am always striving to improve my work and everyday is a school day. 
I have also met some wonderful people through taxidermy and have travelled to California, where I have studied techniques pioneered by Carl Akeley and the Jonas Brothers.
- I have been practising taxidermy since 1999
- birds & mammals 
- My work has sold worldwide
- Friendly & approachable
- affordable prices
-Member of The Guild of Taxidermy
-some restoration undertaken, schedule allowing
-We buy and sell Taxidermy
I have carried out work for various clients and establishments including illusionist, Derron Borwn, MTV, Colonel Porters in Newcastle Upon Time and the University of Arizona. I believe in offering a personal, professonal and friendly service and a lot on my customers have become good friends.
Dave Pilkington
Above - being filmed for "The Art of Taxidermy" documentary.

Below - with good friend and mentor Chuck Testa from Ojai Valley Taxidermy in California and Jeff from Chanel Island Fin & Feather Taxiderrmy
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